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    i recently installed win2000P
    i ran winipcfg and got an alert window

    winipcfg.exe - Ordinal Not Found

    "the ordinal 1001 could not be located in the dynamic link library WSOCK32.dll"

    can someone please explain what this means also what is an Ordinal???

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    In XP I believe the command is ipconfig... or ipconfig /? for more options.

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    win2k dosn't use winipconfig. from 'start button' go to settings then 'network and dial-up connections'. right click on the connection whose settings you want to edit and select properties. this is NT no skiddie winipcfg. LoL

    theres a couple different ways of getting here and all of them work.
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    For WIN2KPRO you go to a command prompt start/run/command type in ipconfig /all gives you all the info about your adapter you want.

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    On top of what post before stated note ipconfig alone will give you all the /options
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