I am rather new here just to start out and I am also studing my ass off about computer security, but that is besides what I am getting @.

Just recently as of a few weeks ago I noticed that in my box there was a VIRUS.... well I was like hmmm that can't be cause I know of all of them in my computer and know exactly where they are located. Well anyways a few weeks back I did a Virus check on my OS by which is "WIN XP PRO" and it showed all of my reg' viruses, but it was diff' this time around, it found a new virus in my OS that I have never seen b/4. The virus is called "KeyHook.dll" it is suppost to I am assuming be undetectable but my Anit Virus Pro' found it. Now here is the thing I did some but not a whole lot of research on the file and it be a ".DLL" file I wouldn't have even considerd it being one, well as I was saying I browsed around on the net about it and found that it is a "Netbus" virus, and with that be all you would need is someones IP and you can get into there system cause if they have WIN XP home or Pro' I have found on each box that I have been on with either of the OS's I have found that file.

But I am just wondering why would windows have a relation with netbus? all that I could come up with is that they are using it for the Remote to System or something like that so that other can get into your computer and do what need's to be done on it/// ....

but if possible can some one give me some more info/input out this?