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Thread: Geforce 2 MX 400/Geforce 3 Ti 500

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    Geforce 2 MX 400/Geforce 3 Ti 500

    Ok, I have tried both of the video cards listed above.
    My system configuation is as follows:
    Windows XP
    800mHz Intel P3
    384 MB ram
    ABIT VA6 motherboard
    via chipset

    Whenever I run a 3d game with either of those cards, it crashes and displays a different DLL file almost every time as the cause of the crash. Has anyone expereinced this before, and if so how did you fix it?

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    Your system config is almost identical to the one I use at home for games, except that I use Windows98. I suspect the driver you are using for your graphic card is not up to date.
    Try visiting www.nvidia.com to get the latest Detonator driver for WindowsXP.
    It fixed a similar problem I was having with some games ...

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    Install the manufacturer's drivers for the motherboard chipset, XP has issues with the default motherboard chipset drivers and nvidia video cards.

    ... I have experienced the exact same problem with a Geforce3 ti200 and Geforce4 ti4600 with a completely different system configuration otherwise.
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    yeah i have that set-up basically and just download new drivers www.nvidia.com

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