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    Norton is stopping me!!!

    I have Norton Personal Firewall 2002 fully upgraded but sometimes when I'm visiting the antionline forum at http://www.antionline.com/index.php?action=forums and then clicking on a forum like Newbie Questions and Explorer is showing the "Page cannot be found"-error! I set NPF2002 to lowest security and privacy and thing but it still don't work!! When I disable the firewall everything is perfect. Someone having a soulution?

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    ummm get a diff' firewall..... I use ZoneAlarm PRO' my self and I haven't had no probs' with it what so ever..... it's really good so I think.....

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    your firewall shouldn't be doing that, it must be something else causing the problem.
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    DeepBlueMagic > Read my PM and please don't replace your firewall, since the problem probably not are with Norton or firewall related at all.


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    Greetings All:

    Since this isn't a problem with the site on our end, i'm closing the thread.

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