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Thread: Wargame servers????

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    Lightbulb Wargame servers????

    Why use other guys (or girls ) wargame servers?? You just need two computers or VMWare to start your own to-hack-computer with much faster speed than a wargame server and it can be always up-to-dated! Install the OS you want to prove your skills at in the to-hack-computer (can be in VMWare) and then install the patches and service packs you want to have. Nothing is easier! I have Windows 2000, Red Hat Linux 7.2 and Windows 98 in VMWare. It's really fun but it's a bit hard because the OS:es is nearly empty....

    But it's two very bad thing with your own to-hack-computer... You can't check how good you are compared to other guys and it's expensive (VMWare isn't cheap!) or against the law.....

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    or against the law.....
    ...hmmm....interesting. Can stealing from your own wallet turn into a nasty jail sentence?
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    or you can NOT! Why do that? For one thing not everyone has 2 comps, and I do but my other one is very crappy so I am not sure I should bother loading anything on it. Plus most online wargame servers are also very easy, and also some of them are well setup, providing some really useful info. Sure you can put it on your own comp, but why? Use someone elses, it is easier, cleaner and prolly even fast, if you have dial-up, which most people do.

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    Ok here are some pros and cons I came up with, feel free to add your own

    Your own Wargameserver mini-server
    -You know for sure that youíre not being logged in some FBI hacker database
    -You chose the OS and all the settings
    -Make the OS more and more secure at your own pace

    -You set it up so you already have a good idea of how to hack into it
    -Might not have the software that you need
    -Have to set everything up

    Some one elseís Wargame server

    -There intended to teach you stuff you don't know
    -They scale in difficulty
    -You can talk to other people that have hacked the server if you get stumped
    -You don't have to set anything up

    -Thereís a certain amount of trust involved
    -If thereís something specific you want to try and learn you might be hard pressed to find box with those conditions
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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