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Thread: Black Ice Defender

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    Black Ice Defender

    I am using black Ice Defender on a DSL non static IP.
    But for some strange reason it is almost all the time now flashing red saying that there is a BOOTP File Overflow. The OverFLows are going on Non stop when im connected and disconnected so anyone know what the problem is. Is it due to my memory 256 RRam ?

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    See RFC1533 It looks like somebody is trying to use some kind of exploit for the DHCP/BOOTP service. I do not know a whole lot about it other than the fact it has nothing to do with system RAM.

    Look on GOOGLE

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    LoL or it could just be because BLACK ICE SUCKS!

    Try ZoneAlarm or Tiny Personal firewall. Both are free and better.


    Hope this help!

    - ura
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