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Thread: search problem???

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    search problem???

    Ok, I was trying to search the site in response to this thread... http://www.antionline.com/showthread...813#post535394 Anywah, I was haveing a few problems so I decided to be crazy. I just put in the word antipoint and search the entire site.... Well, It only have me 21 results, which is not even near correct. After looking at it, they are all since 4/10. Was that when the servers were upgraded or something and we can't search before then or something? Just seems really strange to only be able to search 2 months worh of posts...
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    i put in anitpoint then tried antipoints both got more than 21 results antipoints gave me 147 threads.. but you are right.. nothing before april

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    "antipoint" gives less results than "antipoints", but really the search engine should search for plurals as well as the singular form of what you're searching for. It is strange that we can only search two months of posts, I tried searching for my first post on 'antionline ftp', and these are the only results I got.
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