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Thread: Log in problem.

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    Log in problem.

    My friend called me and told me that he could not log in. He told me his username and password and told me try it on my computer. Well, I've tried it and could not log it in too. Whats suppose to be the problem? Is he being banned or what? Hope the Seniors know.
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    This is your 3rd thread in Role Call. You're not supposed to be able to post more than once in Role Call. One more post here, and I'm gonna have to file a Bug Report. I'll include my ability to reply to post in Role Call as well... Why? Because you're not supposed to be able to reply to Role Calls, which should make it totally ridiculous to ask questions in Role Call. Well, I am able to reply to this irrelevant (since it's Roll Call --> no replies) question, but that's besides the point (it's a bug, remember? - or maybe it's a mod-feature). Anyways, posting more than once in Roll Call definitely is a bug. And if it's not, asking questions in Role Call definitely is stupid, because nobody can answer those questions in Role Call (with the exception of me, and maybe the other moderators; which might be a bug, but probably isn't).
    Ermmm, not sure what my point was, but I'm pretty sure it had something to do with
    -you posting 3 times in Role Call (you shouldn't be able to do that, you evil hax0r)
    -asking questions in Role Call (you should be able to do that, but there' no sense in doing that, because I'm the only one able to answer your questions here, and I don't know **** about computers),
    -me being able to reply to Role Calls...

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