I read a newspaper article which said the only evidence against him was his browsing the internet for instructions to make bombs, or something to that effect. If he was conspiring to plant a bomb, then charge him with that offence and put him in jail. If this man was a political prisoner in the traditional sense, then there would be protests everywhere, etc. etc. But because he is a 'terrorist', it's all good. Absolute bullshit, and it seems as if the general US public is propogating this sentiment (e.g Dr Toker).

If they are not brought to us, then we go get em' Isreali style.
'Israeli style' is a 'style' that is hypocritical and nonsensical to the highest degree. Going into the territories has not stemmed the tide of bombers - it has had the exact same effect.
Israel may cry foul over terrorists, but the 'holy land' was forcibly taken away from the Palestinians - and they haven't forgotten the early days.

Deir Yassin Remembered