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Thread: Jose Padilla's civil rights

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    I read a newspaper article which said the only evidence against him was his browsing the internet for instructions to make bombs, or something to that effect. If he was conspiring to plant a bomb, then charge him with that offence and put him in jail. If this man was a political prisoner in the traditional sense, then there would be protests everywhere, etc. etc. But because he is a 'terrorist', it's all good. Absolute bullshit, and it seems as if the general US public is propogating this sentiment (e.g Dr Toker).

    If they are not brought to us, then we go get em' Isreali style.
    'Israeli style' is a 'style' that is hypocritical and nonsensical to the highest degree. Going into the territories has not stemmed the tide of bombers - it has had the exact same effect.
    Israel may cry foul over terrorists, but the 'holy land' was forcibly taken away from the Palestinians - and they haven't forgotten the early days.

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    well i am in no way surprised about this...i mean back just after 9/11 a bill got signed that basically said "if the government decides you are a terrorist, you have no rights and can basically be shot in the street if it(the government) wishes"

    what did they call it? something like "The really good anti-terrorist bill #145", so it passed without a problem and people cheared and praised all the politicians for what a great job they were doing...idiots.

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    umm... Dr. Toker> there have been us terrorists in other countries. how would you feel if one of these other countries invaded the U.S.? Not only invaded the U.S., but over through our government and tried to put into a place a style of government that they saw fit? besides, has it worked for israel yet? no, it is just making things worse.

    second, allthough terrorism is wrong, it does not go unprovoked. the palestinian terrorist are attacking israel because israeli tanks are driving down the street in palestinian cities. The US was attacked by terrorists on 9/11 because our soldiers are stationed in the mideast and we are involved with conflicts that really have nothing to do with us other then the US mentality to be "global peacekeepers." this mentality is the cause for a good amount of hate towards the US from other countries. I am not just talking about the extremists in these countries either. in afghanistan, it is believed 70% of the population hated the US and did not want the US involved in it's political affairs. for every action there is a reaction. don't get me wrong, i feel that the acts of 9/11 were wrong and there needs to be a US governement reaction, but to what degree. the action of the terrorists was a reaction to US actions. the terrorists should be stopped, yes. but taking out entire coutries and overthrowing the government in said countries is not an answer. it will just cause a bigger reaction from the terrorists. the US needs to examine the way it's doing stuff, before we cause problems we don't want. because if we go to war with the wrong country (such as an "axis of evil"country like north korea or iran) we could spawn a world war. not only that, but we had a hell of a time in the korean war (which we lost) but this time, china will be in volved, and they will be against us... not an idea i like to think about
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    If you’re going to spout propaganda, at least get it right!

    We didn't loose the war in Korea. That was Viet Nam.
    We stopped the Chinese advance at the 39 parallel in Korea, notice i said Chinese and not No. Koreans. It was Chinese regulars fighting. No Korea is politically owned by the Chinese government.
    North Korea is fueling unrest with military supplies on behalf of china.
    Maybe you think we should appease them, like they tried with another country with world aspirations.
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    There was evidence of Padilla meeting with Al Qaeda members and discussing their "dirty bomb" plans. The point is that right now we are at war with terrorist organizations and anyone suspected of helping them will be accused of war crime. I think Padilla should have a trial but we cant allow american citizens living in Afganistan to plot against the US and then because of lawyers get away with it. These arent normal times and special measures have to be taken to prevent something like 9/11 from taking place again.

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    Well having been around since the civil rights movement, and born shortly after Kirea I see history repeating it's self. Lets look at the media spin on this the day a FBI wistle blower said we had info in 9/11 Bush and our goverment made some sort of we foiled another plot thing and the media ate it up. 9/11 hapened as a reaction to our foreign policy and attempting to place American values upon a culture we do not understand, the FBI the CIA both dropped the ball here and the media will not focus uoin that or foriegn policy it is Bush and his simpleton ways. Now days you want to take a ferry here random checks of cars, yes you can say no however if you say no the State patrol tells the captin who trhen refuses to let you board, what freedom is there in this? These people of 9/11 won in many ways I feel it is not they whom rob us of our rights and freedoms nope they let our goverment over react take away rights, impeed our everyday freedoms and continue to use the media to draw attention to the Battle against Terror and don't look at the resons why our own intellegent agencys failed. Point the finger come up with a spin catch phrase let the media sell it to the american people. Spoon fed, I have yet to see one damn objective analyst from the media there is no reporting any longer it's a damn rating game by the networks and WA DC. Yeah even I can be arrested for even writing what I feel now anytime our own goverment walks upon freedom of speach under the guise of fighting terror we loose we have lost and they won their cost what 8 few hundered people our cost and entire way of life taken by our own goverment. Flame or negs points go on. I speak my mind disagree that is your right enjoy it while you can cause each minute that passes you loose more of the right to speak out.
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