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Thread: Messing around with Fake Emails

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    Messing around with Fake Emails

    Introduction to Telnet

    On this page I will show you how to fake e-mail. Now I know what you are thinking, This guy is just copying an article from the "happy hacker". I am doing no such thing. There is nothing here that is copied. If you are running any Windows operating system past 98 you should have no problem doing this. Make sure you are connected to the internet. First thing open an MS-Dos window if you are running 98/me. If you are using NT/2000/XP open up command prompt. After opening up that window type in:

    telnet mail.geocities.com 25

    I have found this article to be interesting and was wondering if anyone could NOT telnet to that ip addy, and if someone knows the reason behind why you can't, I'd love the explanation!

    THANKS! =)


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    [sarcasm]wow thanks cause that was so i depth and informative[/sarcasm]


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    i'm assuming that you mean that you just telnet to port 25 and then use the:

    MAIL FROM: <crap@microcrap.com>
    RCPT TO: <jojo@blahblahblah.com>
    blah blah
    blah blah

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    why would you ever want or need to send a fake mail anyway??
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    Synaptic: You wouldn't want to send a fake mail, but make it look like it's from another addy, or a fake address. This could be useful in some things, I hear, but I can think of nothing where I'd use it myself. ::shrug::

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    Sorry, but what is a fake mail? Anyone can make up a little story and give me an example of a fake mail and purpose hereof? Ty.

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    a fake e-mail is often used by hackers to get certain data that they need, I.E the e-mails headers, they use the fake address so that when they use the "bouncing" e-mail exploit, that the company that bounced doesn't mark their e-mail iddy/ip adress etc.. i hope this helpes

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