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    Question The Pretender

    Has anyone ever seen the show 'The Pretender'?

    For those who haven't it's about a genius who travels around helping people who are in need or in trouble and this genius' name is Jarod. He's so smart that he can pretend to be in any line of work - which is how the show is named. He imitates Doctor, Lawyers, cops anything he has to to achieve his philanthropic goals.

    Anyways - to my question -

    He has this really nifty computer in a briefcase type thing that he uses to hack into about anywhere he desires. this computer makes it's internet contact through a small satellite dish that protrudes from the briefcase - so he can travel anywhere with it and have internet access anywhere anytime. Are these types of portable computers real? And if so are they optainable to the general public? I know there are laptops and notebooks but even these can't get internet access in a moving vehicle like Jarods does. So are they really out there or are they a figment of screenwriters imaginations?

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    well...there are modems that are wireless..like ricochet..i'm not sure that there are ones exactly like jarod's but umm check out ricochet...i'm not sure about the link but try www.google.com and search for Ricochet Wireless Modem (its high speed too )

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    I think it is all a matter of what you want it to do and what you must pay for it. I'm sure it would be possible to have a 'roving' satellite upline, but it is most likely military-level in cost and implementation. In other words, nobody probably sells it (not enough demand) to the private sector.

    And you need a network of Satellites up there too...

    I know you can do it anywhere in the world with enough Satellites, but you probably need a clear view of the sky (can't use it in a cave) and I don't know about what kind of speeds you can get from a moving position. You could certain transmit SOMETHING, but how efficient and fast it is is another matter.
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    hehe yeah.. ofcourse its real. that idea was taken from sattelite fones.. like sattelite fones.. them laptops can get fone line access or Wireless WAN access... but the services could be restricted to certain things... i know someone who has one and he works as a Network Infrustructure Specialist (or atleast thats what he calls himself) lol.. he designs WANS and Wireless netwrk for companies and implements it.. and he carries one of them satelite laptops with him especially when he goes to remote areas (like the outback here in australia.)

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