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    in the link.... onclick="return openawindow('awebpage.htm')

    this script will receive the address and open a window pointing to that address:

    function openawindow(a_URL){
    var newWindow;
    return false;

    maybe thats what u were lookin for???
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    Synaptic, I think that's a little more than he was looking for. He just said he needed to open a new window, not specify its size and etc.
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    I used a demo of Dreamweaver to use some 'open in new window' function, but it didnt work when i pasted it into the other program.

    If i give the site, could someone type out the link that i need to enter?

    I need to link to http://www.lccc.co.uk (Lancashire County Cricket Club)

    thanks for your help.
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    Using Javascript to make new windows when simple target attributes will work is just... well... sort of like going out of your way to make life difficult for everyone.

    Popup-blockers will often block new javascript-made windows, but using the target attribute is more likely to keep your site 'workable' for people who hate popups.
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    try something that no other site would have like "_djhuk"
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