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Thread: Thank you...thank you...thank you!!

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    Smile Thank you...thank you...thank you!!

    Alright..I will admit, I am as new to this as they come. I have been reading some of the articles on AO for some time,
    and just desided it was time to set up and account and start to post questions. I belive the correct term for me is a
    "white hat newbie"?. I have been looking around for information on hacking, you know the game. You find information
    about how some kid hacked into AOL or the pentegon and you wonder what tools they use ect. So...Im walking through
    the computer store looking for a cool hacking book because I would really like to get to know how to hack little bit better,
    and I come across this book called " The unoficial guide to ethical hacking". What the hell is ethical hacking I thought. Why
    everyone knows that hackers try to destroy your computer and cause maham! Was I ever wrong!! This book opened a
    whole new world for me. Then it mentioned this site. So I came here and started to read, most was just a bunch of punk
    kids wanting to know how to hack into this and that. Then I started learning about how to hack your registry, how to
    take control of your operating sytem. Then Im surfing on here, reading various posts about people wanting to do this and
    that, walking around in my flame retardent uniform becasue people are getting toasted left and right, when I come across
    Ennis's right up about newbie FAQ's. This is what I have been looking for !!! This is what hacking is all about. !! So...
    I just wanted to take some time and thank the lot of you for the information that you have given, the sites that I have
    visited, and now I understand or am starting to understand, what true power is. True power is not hacking into your friends
    system or your schools mainframe to delete a bunch of files. True power is when you look into the eyes of the network
    admin and realize his fear that you now know how to hack the registry to display all the hard drives that he has hidden,
    and not only do you know how to do it...but you know what the registry keys mean, you have understanding instead of
    memorizing some path.

    Again, thank you. pop over to the newbie section and start posting my questions!!!
    See dick... see dick hack yahoo...see dick go to jail... dont be a dick.

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    What a great attitude to have, and a great way to introduce yourself to the community.


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    ...and the green rolls in.

    I also had the sense of "hacking" once, then I started to get more familiar with terms, Q&A, the internet/computers in general I started to realize hacking isn't what I though it was. Welcome to AO dood.

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    Amen!!!!!!! I have this entire new world now that I never knew existed. Its not
    all about downloading mp3's or online gaming. Seems those are alright..but why waste the time
    when energy can be redirected on understanding why someone would want to bother connecting
    to port 21, or reading Fsecure's site on what this virus is that I have just received and how it works.
    See dick... see dick hack yahoo...see dick go to jail... dont be a dick.

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    Awesome attitude! I will be happy to help you with any questions! Welcome aboard! Hope you like it here.
    [gloworange]Die, or surrender, either way won\'t work.[/gloworange]

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    Nice enterance. I will try to help you whenever you need it.

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    /me wunders why all new members can't be civil like this......

    This person has proved a vaild point. When you post to usenet, message or bbs's. It's always a good idea just to hang around a little while to see how things are done in that particular group. Most import is to do like this person did. Look for and read the FAQ. Thanks the_adairs for bringing a little civility to the forum with you. Thanks.

    He did'nt even ask how to hack hotmail... I feel cheated...LOL...<grin>
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    Apocalypse .... I think the majority of new members are civil - just a few rotten apples that give the rest a tainted image

    I too am very new and am extremely interested in computer security - not only to protect my own system but also to ensure it does not become a danger to others who use the internet - I am not interested in the slightest in hacking anyone's system - but dread the thought my system is exploited and used for that purpose. I too lurked here for some time before registering.

    Welcome the_adairs.

    PS - How do you hack hotmail ??? ..... (feel better now ... LOL)

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    Lauging hard in rt* Lets see if I get this right,

    "can anyone tell me how to hack into hotmail!? I sent my friend a fake hotmail restistration form asking for
    his hotmail account , and I forgot his password, I know what his username is......"

    *seeing the package from acme just arive and opening it up. Pulling out my new flame thrower with a
    little note* "Complements of AO".

    Thanks for all the reply's, I really didnt expect such a responce.
    See dick... see dick hack yahoo...see dick go to jail... dont be a dick.

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    Thanks for all the reply's, I really didnt expect such a responce.
    S'alright...speaking for just about everybody here, we never expected such an introduction!

    Welcome aboard!

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