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Thread: linux distribution

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    linux distribution

    i need some advice about linux. seeing as i just got a faster connection and i ill be getting a new comp soon am planning to put linux on it and use it as an HTTP, FTP, POP3 server also running sendmail. it will be jsut for a small community of friends with forums, webmail(thats probably gonna be a bitch), and some stuff ive been meaning to send them on theFTP server. can somebody advise me about wich distribution to take considering security and the fact it will be a server. thanx

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    You really need to consider your skill set and your level of involvement. This is a topic that has been discussed in previous threads. We know nothing of your abilities at present.

    If you are newbie to the OS : RH and SuSE are well advised
    Are you fully fledged, then maybe you should consider Slackware or one of the BSD's

    Aside from your skill set, you need to consider the hardware that you are using.
    If you are using highend, new hardware, FreeBSD is not well advised as it tends to play it somewhat cautious with the new hardware. You would want to consider linux, or if you don't really want to know the OS, Windoze would start looking better all the time.

    I am a fan of FreeBSD, though the configuration aspect can be problematic. I learned very quickly that they don't ride the wave of new hardware. SuSE was good for all the services you seem to be including, I never had an issue.

    Security wise, each of these is only as good as the individual setting them up. If you leave a bunch of services wide open, you have just made your self a target.

    In the future, just check the previous threads as there are many that do question the scaleability, ease of use, and so on concerning linux.

    In the tutorials forum, there are tuts on IPTABLES and IPCHAINS, they should help in your endeavor.

    Regards, and good luck.
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    Use SuSE, I'm sure you'll be able to handle Yast 1/2 and Sax

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    Well, if you plan on running all the services perhaps you should learn to secure the box cuz if you dont your box will be um...hackable so hackable it wont be funny
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