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Thread: Bible Code

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    Bible Code

    I watched a program last night on Bible Code.

    In the Catholic Bible, there are a few pages on code. A group of extremely talented Israeli scientists, using encryption and computers, discovered the code. The pattern seems to be:


    It is said that if you skip every fifth, fifteenth, or fiftieth letter you can form a word. I found this interesting.

    But that's not it. This code can supposedly predict the future. The following was found in the code:

    Four Planes, two towers
    Osama Bin Laden
    Afghan, War

    April 19, 1995
    Chariot of Fire
    Slay women, infants and children

    Itsaf Rabin
    Assisin will assasinate

    The last stanza (istaf rabin) was discovered before his assasination. A friend of a guy who was a good friend of Rabin gave him a letter to give to Rabin warning him. Rabin ignored it, and on the specified Bible date that he was to be assisinated, he was.

    What do you think about this? I find this very interesting. Just thought I would share this with you all.

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    This has already been discussed, and anyone who has passed high school math should realize what comeplete crap this is. That system is so arbitrary that you could easily do it with a large phonebook, or any other sufficiently long piece of writing. Calling it anything other than random chance make you look very dumb and quite silly. Among those words would be hundreds that said "ask;fjb as'dfj sadfv.kjb errrlkihjn uuubbbwwett"

    Enough monkeys at enough typewriters over a long enough time will eventually write the collected works of william shakespeare. Make up some little cryptographic system, and you won't even need that many monkeys.
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    silentstalker: I suggest you go to your local library and check out the book named The Bible Code for more detailed information. I've read it myself, and it's worth it if you're interested in this type of thing.

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    Don't read it, its just a trick to make you leave your house, and fall asleep, then you'll wake up without your clothes and money, and you will have a sore bum and a ball gag in your mouth. (that last part was from fallout, the game)

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    I don't know were to even begin shooting holes in the whole bible code theory.

    1. This would only work if you had an original un-translated copy
    2. One miss spelled word and the whole thing doesnít work
    3. Fallout rulz
    4. You saw it on T.V (need I say more)
    5. No one can predict the future
    6. Even if you could see the future why would you encode it in a book?
    7. After this cam out a few guys decide to do the exact same thing with texts and captions from old playboy magazines. Guess what all you have to do is throw in enough text in and you can find anything you want.
    8. I guess these Israeli scientists forgot to mention all the other cryptic stuff they found.
    -"84 bob leaves his lights on"
    -"Ia'm thelizardqueen"
    -"flyingmonkeys 3attack atmidnight"
    -"windo wsMEsuc ks"
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    lol cwk9 u all so have some valid points respect 2 u
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    it can be true or bullshit depending on your point of view...........people will always say it's random chance and other people will always say that the 'random' people are sacriligeous/going into denial. I think I won't state my opinion sinc there's no way to win.........

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    cwk9, to answer your point 5. God knows all. He is the author of the Bible and knew then end before the beginning. It's hard to understand but it's true.

    Onto point 6, read Proverbs in the Bible. A scripture from the last part of the book goes something like this, for it is God who concealeth and a king that searcheth out. So, God conceals this code that is specially designed for the end times when he know we will only have the technology now to decode it. It's purpose is to further prove the Bible's factuality and to show that God is all knowing. Why is it so hard to believe? Spies use codes that only the recieving party can read in clear, plain text.

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    Originally posted here by cyb3rn3tik
    it can be true or bullshit depending on your point of view...........people will always say it's random chance and other people will always say that the 'random' people are sacriligeous/going into denial. I think I won't state my opinion sinc there's no way to win.........
    One of my favorite quotes right now: Debating online is like being in the special olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded.
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    I saw that on the tele one day... I hope this doesn't offend anyone but I was highly amazed on how much time these people have to actualy come up with something like that. The bible is a thousand some odd pages, and I think, well, it is just as simple as can be: a cooisidence.
    Occams Razor: "The simplist explanation tends to be the correct one."

    I'm not an Anti-Crist or a Satan Worshiper or any nonsense like that. I just don't believe in that "Bible Code" as being what it is publicised as being.

    excuse my spelling. I can't speel.

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