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Thread: You might be a Computer Enthusiast when...

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    Post You might be a Computer Enthusiast when...

    *You've ever dreamt about source code.
    *Your last 5 meals consisted of pizza and Mountain Dew.
    *The sound of a keyboard clicking turns you on.
    *The last time you got up prior to noon was in 1994.
    *You've gone 72 hours without sleep because "this stupid thing SHOULD compile!".
    *When someone mentions "SATAN" you don't think of the devil.
    *The case hasn't been on your computer since the day you bought it.
    *You call 911 when your ISP goes down.
    *You have a LAN in your living room.
    *You've ever used the phrase "I love kickin puppies!" (Warez Puppies)
    *Your lifelong dream is to get published in Bugtraq.
    *Your ISP calls YOU for tech support.
    *You think "Unix Wars" should be made into a movie.
    *You've been obssesed with Sandra Bullock ever since "The Net" came out.
    *You think your phone is tapped.
    *Your phone IS tapped.
    *You tapped your own phone just to see if you could.
    *The amount of RAM you have is > your IQ.

    That is courtesy of HappyHacker.org by Josh

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    Aside from that other thread awhile ago like something like this, does anyone have any "You might be a Computer Enthusiast when..." kinda suggestions yourself. Like perhaps, once you made up. Add it to this thread, I like to hear them.

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    Sorry to sound a bit stupid, what are warez puppies?
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    Lets see... I have a LAN in my bedroom does that count... oh and when people mention SATAN I think of Bill Gates
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    you might be a computer enthusiast when....
    >>you never call your friends anymore, you email/irc/aim them
    >>you have nightmares about your computer being taken away
    >>you cry over the processor you overclocked a BIT too much
    >>your only friends have names like tommy_smith instead of Tommy Smith

    hope you like 'em

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    Nice, anyone got any others?

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    Originally posted here by JCHostingAdmin

    *You think your phone is tapped.

    That is courtesy of HappyHacker.org by Josh
    Especially when you hear that heavy breathing that is NOT the family dog.
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    the sound of a modem logging on gets u 2 sleep
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    I saw a joke that was written in C, and I got it.

    Does that qualify?

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    you know your a computer enthusiast if:

    Your reading this post.
    You chat with people that are in the same room over a computer.
    You have a coffee pot next to your computer.
    When 40 GB hard drive just doesn't cut it anymore.
    You have more spare computer parts than Compaqs return department.
    If its past 2 am right now....
    You don't even bother to check your real mailbox anymore.
    When you glance around the room and your surrounded by computer books, manuals, RFC's etc..

    You like?

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