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Thread: Inside the Mind of a Kiddie

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    Inside the Mind of a Kiddie

    I was reading a stupid newbie article about hacking. Cause i like to read stuff on what newbies read. And in one article i came accross which is here. http://ahe2k.com/text/basicskills.txt It's a basic skills on what you need to know how to hack. I was totally blown away and laughing my ass off when i got done. I also realized that some many newbies get the wrong impression from the very start. Which is what makes them lame. The thing that caught my eye and which we see alot at AO is this.

    +-What to do first
    First things first, join a BBS (bulletin board system) you will learn a lot from them.
    Here are some links to good BBS's

    Those are some of the BBS's that I post at although there is many more just do a goggle
    Search. In bulletin boards you will learn a lot from other more experienced computer
    enthusiasts and you also can share your knowledge with other computer enthusiasts.
    Then I would advise you to learn a Programming language. There are many languages to
    choose from:
    C/C++, Perl, Java, Python, Visual Basic and so on
    Learning a Programming Language is important so that you can edit open source programs
    or operating systems and make them more secure.

    For maybe this reason. Newbies get very confused. They think what there doing is correct and there attitude and actions will be excepted. With so many articles out, especially the How to use Sub7 for dummies it's no wonder why the most of the next generation of hackers will be newbs that are kiddies. The thing that gets me is that these articles aren't usually written by newbs but my people who should really know there stuff.

    For some humor. I rember when i was traveling through south africa on my very second safari. We were hunting the very illusive kiddiot. A wild animal that is dependent on others for survival. They come out turing the night time and attack. Often with out causing much damage cause of there lack of ability to do things on there own. One night we caught one. He was a furous little bugger. We ended up knocking him out with drugs. The next morning after the great hunt was over. We took the kiddiot to the villiage to sell. Since kiddiots are very dumb the villiagers didn't want them. So we took him back with us. There on china we sold him. Only for about 1.25 U.S. currency. We then realized later that the poor kiddeot was eaten. They had cooked him up and eat him as a 6 course meal. The owners wrote us a post card saying that, that kiddeot gave us the worst gas in the world. He must have just been full of hot air.

    Just like to say what's up to Brad! and VK, Negative, Debwalin, s0nic, even Hogfly, MichelleM if she is still around. Alexzel ! Juridian what's up and all the rest of the IRC gang. I'm outta here

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    Welcome back freeon!
    \"I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.\"
    Sir Winston Churchill.

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    hmmmm i wonder who has returned
    /me goes joins the great kiddiot hunt - cept I would keep them for medical experiements......save all those cute lil wabbits!!!


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    Yeah, freeOn was from IOWA...

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    FreeOn is back!
    Just like to say what's up to Brad! and VK, Negative, Debwalin, s0nic, even Hogfly, MichelleM if she is still around. Alexzel ! Juridian what's up and all the rest of the IRC gang.
    thx to include me

    I'm outta here
    FreeOn has left

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    heh it was a surf-by posting


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    I was just thinking that that sounded like freeon. The profile looks about the same. Oh well im all for second chances.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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    You guys are so kind. I hope you all enjoyed my little story. Well i gotta run you know it's fathers day at least in Iowa lol.

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    well this is I gh0st I....

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    erm...i'm not seeing what the problem is whith that quote...it looks about right to me, stating the importance of google and learning programming to secure your system(for *nix and such)...maybe i missed something?

    There are 10 types of people in this world: those who understand binary, and those who dont.

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