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    Exclamation newbee alert

    Hi I am a newbie hehe, and i am very interested in trojan programs such as sub 7 and such. I am NOT asking where to get them because i am not that much of a newbie and i don't feel like getting flamed or anything. What i do want to know is exactly how they work. I would be very thankful to anyone who can provide me with some information.

    i am not asking for help using them either. I just dont want to be classified as some kind of script kiddie or n e thing nor do i have any harmful intentions, i just want to know how these work, n e source code would b appricated

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    i'm sure you probably know that :a trojan, when executed, will act as a demeon, or in other words will sit on a specified port and listens for incoming signals. this is called the server. the client sends information to that port and when the right info is sent, the server can in a sense take over the computer.
    so if you want to get really deep into it, look into socket programing or find the source code for back orifice.

    btw... i know people where you live and do you know Cindel or Summer? I think Summer is from Apple valley. What sluts! if you know them i have some stories to tell you

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    No-one *feels* like getting flamed

    Yeah, as 5150 said, they open up ports and await for the attacker's instructions. BO2K from CDC is the most famous. But, they are generally accepted as sucking, big time.

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    Hey this is the first sub7 thread Iíve seen were no one deservers to get flamed.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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    bah no flames >_<;
    heh a sensible question about sub7 - who would ever have thought it possibel?
    oh well -> check lameindustries.org
    they used to have a tut on making your own client/server in VB


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    Really, the only thing worth knowing about a trojan is not to use them. It would be useful to know how a trojan works if you're planning to remove one, but I don't see the point other than that. lol @ cwk
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