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Thread: Remote control of another PC

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    Remote control of another PC

    I'm looking for recommendations as to the best software to instal to enable me to do remote maintenance on a PC that belongs to a friend of mine. I am not looking for something like sub7 - I would like to instal a good (commercial, if neccessary) package that has a reasonable degree of security, and preferably does some sort of encryption, so that the traffic is not available to outsiders. Needs to support Windows (!)
    The connection would be via a dial up net connection.

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    You might want to look into VNC or Remote Anyware.
    Its not software piracy. I’m just making multiple off site backups.

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    There are several that manage to hit all price brackets.



    Radmin (my fav)

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    I have tested radmin ( remote administration) , and that was cool for me too.

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    PCAnywhere is a good program, but I'm with TechieChick and Unleashed. RAdmin is a great program. I use it at some of my clients sites either for 100% remote admin or at least as a backup to Terminal services or Citrix depending on the environment.

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    I've heard some grumblings about PCAnywhere and Linksys routers. Anyone else heard anything like this??

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    Yeah, Linksys routers suck. They're worth just about as much as a used condom. Well, maybe a little less. Oh well My advice would be to just not spend money on a linksys router.

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    That's all fine and dandy..but that was not my question.

    If I have a client with a linksys router in place and pcanywhere as my only option in, my understanding is that I'm going to have some issues. All the reading I've done on it says upgrade the firmware but I've not seen that fix the problem. It's not always feasible to just start replacing equipment.

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    on newer versions of windows you can use terminal services.

    where i work we use pcanywhere for remote and vnc for local machines
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    WinVNC works for me - I even have VNC installed on my palm so I can manage servers via GPRS on the move.
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