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Thread: Email Virus Test

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    Question Email Virus Test

    Hi - total newbie to this site - please be patient with me
    I want to keep colleagues 'on their toes' by sending then an email with a 'safe' attachment that opens up to say 'this could have been a virus, etc...'
    Any kind person point me in the right direction or supply me with a VB script?
    Thanks in anticipation.

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    open notepad, insert the line below, name it something like 'priority.doc.vbs' or 'regarding Your Promotion.doc.vbs', attach it to an emal and send it:

    MsgBox "What do you think your doing? this could have been a virus! Your fired!"


    You could make it look bigger by adding a bunch of text and comment it out:

    ' here's a bunch of text
    ' and still more fill
    ' etc
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    in a txt pad just right

    echo this could have been a virus

    save it and change extension to .com


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