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    Crashing windows, how to stop it?


    i have recently known a lame way to make windows crash.. bye accessing some directory ( i do not think i should mention it, becasue lamers are everywhere)..

    my question is, how could such a thing be fixed? is it something with explorer.exe? or the whole system must be rebuilt to fix it?

    MS has already fixed that in Windows9x, but it is still present in Windows ME...

    thanx in advance

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    A lot of people can crash a windows box simply by hitting the power button on the front of the box.

    Seriously though, how can we tell you how to fix something if we don't know what it is?

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    heh i know what a bug windows crshed when i deleted *.dll
    wow what an exploit >_<;


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    that was as informative post!
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    Well now Tedob...be nice.

    He found an exploit.

    He posted it.

    He kept it secure by not telling us what it was.

    He complimented our amazing intuitive intelligence by assuming we could still fix "said issue".

    Somehow, I think we're supposed to be complimented here.

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    is he talking about the c:\con\con thing?
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    There is actually more than one exploit like that. It isn't a very big secret. Hehe, I have heard ME called the worst windows OS. You may want to switch to XP or 2000. So far as I know, there is no way to fix those directory exploits. Or even better, get a linux distro.

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    Or c:\aux\aux thing...

    Dunno...that would be rude to put in a batch file on someones computer but they're pretty common. Nothing "new" there.

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