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Thread: lop.com Spyware

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    lop.com Spyware

    Thought this might interest some people who've had their web browsers taken over by lop.com:

    Lop.com has become one of the most hated names on the internet. All over cyberspace, from message boards to newsgroups to IRC chat rooms, people begging for help in getting rid of this annoying software.

    C2 Media's software is distributed by dozens of sites, and is apparently taking over browser startup pages all over the world. The company's so-called Trojan horse marketing tactics have raised a firestorm of complaining Web surfers.

    Read the whole article HERE


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    run ad aware and then say bye bye lop.com
    it's the only way to get rid off it (as far as I know)
    I guess it won't take long before some guys either ddos them or sue them.

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    D'oh.. Leviathan beat me to it. Just run ad aware and it'll remove all the spy ware components on your box. I configured mine to scan at start up and remove spy ware. You can get your copy at www.lavasoftusa.com


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    I've run accross them and I was looking for a fix for that for the longest time and finally I gave up thinking nothin of it. Now, I've got a good answer, and, I'm gonna sick all my legal power on them. yay... and the DDoS has been done already, from what I've heard. And yes, this has been a major discussion in one of the major irc channels I visit.

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    Yeah, that article makes them sound pretty bad. But maybe some good/bad people will DDoS them out of existence. We can only hope.

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    I HATE LOP.COM!!! If I try to uninstall it in Add/Remove Programs its not even in there. Its not in Program Files either. Everytime I startup it starts with a little "Search Lop.com" window in the top right corner of my screen. Its annoying because it slows down my startup. I have searched my registry for Lop.com and just Lop. I have deleted keys that have something to do with it but its still there!! Does anyone know how to remove this? I have searched for references to it and deleted as many as I could find but its still there. And now I find out its spyware it even makes me hate it more. could someone please give me instructions on removing Lop.com from my computer?

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    Does anyone know how to remove this?
    I thought my post would of prevented that question... Install ad aware and it'll remove all the spy ware components on your box. You can download it at www.lavasoftusa.com

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    That is where things that are loaded at startup should be...might be able to kill it there...
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