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Thread: beam me up scotty

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    beam me up scotty

    IN a dramatic technological breakthrough, an Australian-based research team has teleported a message-encoded laser beam -- bringing the science fiction fantasy of "beaming" humans from one place to another a step closer.

    Although Star Trek-style planet hopping is way into the future, teleporting -- disassembling objects in one place while a perfect replica is created elsewhere -- promises to revolutionise computing and communications over the next decade.

    read full story here

    I wish i was born a few hundred years later, imagine what its gonna be like then.

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    wow.. i hope i'm still here to see it.. (being the old fart that i am)

    Quantum teleportation could make encrypted or coded information 100 per cent secure, Dr Lam said, because even if intercepted the message would be unintelligible unless it was intended for a specific recipient.

    This could be as revolutionary for a new class of superfast quantum computers as the transistor was for conventional computers. Quantum computers will be able to solve problems millions of times faster than current computers.

    And the breakthrough could lead to an increase in the speed and quantity of information transferred in fibre optic communications.

    "This technology would have tremendous potential for banks, financial institutions and governments who want to protect information," Dr Lam said.

    "It should be possible to construct a perfect cryptography system. When two parties want to communicate with one another, we can enable the secrecy of the communication to be absolutely perfect."

    But for a human to be teleported, a machine would have to be built that could pinpoint and analyse the trillions and trillions of atoms that make up the human body.

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    Woah neato thank for the post

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    Chris Shepherd
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    Yea! Aussie aussie aussie! Go go go!
    The teleporting of solid objects is quite a long way down the track though. Oh well, this brings new meaning to quantum crytography and SECURE communications. I wonder how the crackers/hackers/crytographers out their will break this.
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    I dunno if I want to be stepping into some contraption that breaks my body down into bits and pieces small enough to transport... Just a little too spooky for me... Remember the movie "The Fly"? LOL

    I'm sure if we were all born 100 years later we would see it in action and working flawlessly, but as for me, I wish I had been born 100 years earlier, when times were simpler and a man's word was his bond and a six-shooter kept the peace...

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    Maybe the 'transporter' can only be used with abiotic factors. Because, imo, it's quite hard to beleive a living thing being beamed somewhere
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    Quantum entanglement isn't something comepletely new...transmitting information can be difficult...transmitting matter is a whole other ball game.
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    interesting.........but would your mind retain its memories and stuff, since, temporarily, electricity would cease to flow through your brain...........so you could suddenly have the mind of a child or some other bad thing......

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    And if you take apart a body, even atom by atom, would a person cease to function? I've always wondered that, and ultimately would it hurt? I mean, you're basically being disintegrated and reintegrated.....Sounds cool, looks pretty cool......just doesn't sound like it would feel good. I hope I'm around to see it though......

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