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Thread: new virus??

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    Question new virus??

    maybe im dumb but does anyone know if the following are virus charateristics Dell told my girlfriend they were on her computer. works fine except whenever she try to print fill print queue with epson dummy documents(she got an epson printer)got newest norton updates ran full system scan nothing and ran some diffrent klez removal tolls nothing
    anyone have any ideas?thnaks

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    First, clear out the print queue. Once that's done, reset the printer (there should be instructions how to do so in the manual). Try printing again. If you still have problems, try going to the Epson web site, downloading new drivers for the printer. Uninstall the old drivers and reinstall the new ones. If none of that works, you can try calling Epson and asking for tech support. A woman I consult for had a similar problem with her Epson, and simply emptying the queue and reseting the printer did it. Hope it helps!


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    I highly doubt that it's a virus...if the guys at dell told you it was, it's likely that they didn't feel like troubleshooting it and just wanted to blow you off.
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    well what kind of epson?? and what version is the software that came with it.... from experience.. epsons stylus inkjets uhm... suck... the software uhm... sucks... and odd things like garbage in the print queue is common.

    Best bet would be to hit epsons site and get the newest drivers, empty the print jobs pending as well... fun fun fun!
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    Yes it is always better to check things out for yourself

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    What OS? XP does some funny things with printers, floopy drives (from certian countries), and various other hardware. Check your drivers and make sure they are the current ones. If they are you might simply consider re-installing the printer drivers. Sometimes they get corrupted and you just have to put a clean set in. You might also unplug and plug your cables back in, check your pins on the cables to make sure they are clean while you are there. If all that doesn't work, consult with an explosives expert and destroy the printer

    As for Dell techs, they may have the best customer service amoung the big computer builders, but their techs still tend to be trained monkeys. It is cheaper to train someone how to use a database search than to hire a real tech.
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