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    Vi command for command prompt?

    Is there any read command like VI for windows command prompt? Read is a read command but it isn't 100% dos command .

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    I'm not quite sure what you're asking, so I'll take a few wild shots in to the barrel...

    First of all, there are a couple "vi for windows" programs out there. Two of the most popular I know of are "elvis" and "vim" (see http://www.vim.org/ for more info on that second one).

    For the most part, they should be "fully compatible vi programs" in that vi is a very basic, yet powerful editor that's capable of running over a seven-bit terminal (things like Vim add in a GUI aspect and a few extended commands that aren't present in other "more pure-breed" implementations, etc).

    Inside of "vi" you can do many different reads... in command mode (ie. hit escape once or twice and you should be in that mode from whereever you happen to be), you should just be able to do a ":r " (colon r space) to read from a file or a ":r !" (colon r space bang) to read the output of a command. So, for example, if you wanted to get a current directory listing in vi and have it add it to your current file, you could do something like ":r!dir" (colon r bang d-i-r) to get in in windows (that's ":!ls" in UN*X).

    Does that help at all, or did I not quite cover what you were asking?
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