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    creating a web-bug for automatic email read receipt

    How do i create a web-bug to get an automatic email read receipt? what html tag do i use?

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    Ummmm, uh... WTF?!?

    Do you care to perhaps explain what you are doing a little bit better? Perhaps include references, etc. Without them, I'm not sure anyone's going to be able to help you, even if they'd care to...
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    be more specific pls on what exactly you want to do!
    HTMP stands for Hyper Text Markup Language
    An internet browser(such as Netscape, internet explorer) is a client program because it connects to port 80, where the webserver deamon is waiting for connections, and interacts with in order to retrieve the file you're looking for.a browser has to know how to communicate with the webserver deamon(also referred to as HTTPD, HTTP Deamon. HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer protocol) in order to fulfill your request.
    i hope i gat you right, and if not , then be more specific.

    it me .
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