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Thread: The Secret behind Antipoints

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    Unhappy The Secret behind Antipoints

    The Secret behind Antipoints
    Hi All,
    This is my first attempt at a tutorial, so please do keep the comments civilized, also please don’t mind my English
    This is aimed to every newbie inhere!
    Most newbie inhere have been complaining on how they get treated inhere, why most of their posts are having ‘negative antipoints’, why they keep getting this messages when they log in “WARNING! Members of the AntiOnline Community, as a collective, have decided that you are becoming a pain in the ass. If your behavior is not altered for the better soon, your account will be automatically banned
    “ and quote “ Don't worry, you still have a chance to redeem yourself! Start posting useful threads. Help answer people's questions. Have you been flaming people? Stop! Have you been asking inappropriate questions like "How Can I Hack HotMail"? Stop! If our users see that you're making an effort to change your behavior for the better, your AntiPoint total will start to go back up, and this message will go away! However, if you continue to be a pain in the ass, your account will be removed by our AntiPoint System!
    See Guys, you all keep complaining that most of your posts don’t get ‘positive antipoints’, that most of your thread you have posted are already been posted before, and you keep complaining that how the hell how you gonna read most of the threads to know ‘which is which’ ‘which has been written’ ‘which has been posted before’ ‘which is new’ and ‘which is old’
    First of all, what is Antipoints System?
    The AntiPoints System is a way for you to weed out the bad users from the good users, while at the same time building your own reputation in the AntiOnline Community. In general, users who are respected as posting userful information, being friendly, and who answer other's questions, will have a high number of AntiPoints. Users who spam, flame, harass other members, or post misleading information, will have a low or even negative number of AntiPoints. http://www.antionline.com/misc.php?action=faq&page=4

    Listen Guys, there is a BIG difference between a security site and a hacker site.
    Antionline as a security site: To help people, computers, web-sites, etc to keep secured and how they can be secured. (LEGAL) and much more!
    Hackers site: To help break into computers, web-site, E-mails and etc (ILLEGAL)
    In Antionline: if you guys really want to get ‘positive antipoints’ then sit tight and I will explain how it goes (my opinion).
    Now, lets look at it from the scratch!!
    1-Antionline addicts: you become an antionline addict when you have over 275 threads posted.
    Now look at those addicts—it wasn’t easy for them to make it up, gone thru lots or reading, day and night.
    How they made it?
    -They never post misleading, harassing or more messages against the guidelines.
    -They never ask questions on how to hack hotmail.
    -They help others out in the channel, answer questions in the channel.
    -Read a lot, lots of books and tutorials.
    And lastly they must have gone thru all those threads, in which they’ve READ & UNDERSTOOD. Which gives them the ideal to know which thread has been posted before, which thread is old and new.
    Guys, lets be sincerely with ourselves, if we are really want to become a “Security Expert” not an “Hacker”, it’s no a hard job to go thru most of those threads in Antionline, those threads aren’t up to a 1000 pages, so what the hell is it for us to read just that! And understand! And post questions on any of those threads that we don’t understand!. At least the “Tutorial Forum” is a good place to start from
    chsh[BOSH], Dome, gstudios, intruder, and all addicts- am impressed!) keep it up.
    2-Antionline Senior members and Moderators.
    -The same rules applies to them also.
    2ndly, “the most interesting part” Do you know all the senior members and moderators were once “A NEWBIE” and aren’t we interested In how they achieve their goals, in how they became a Senior member and a moderator? Its simple!
    -They followed the rules and guidelines.
    3-Antionline Founder(JP)- The same thing also applies to him, but the truth and fascinating thing about him is that “HE’S THE BEST”!!!

    Some few questions:::
    Why should i read those threads, when I can just , , ,
    -You can just do what? You can’t do anything! you just’ ve to read, learn, study before you can just be an ONE.
    -Reading those threads will help you out a lot gives you lots of ideals and info’s
    -Reading those threads will help you know which thread has been posted before , and what kind of post you should make
    Reading those threads will help give you the ideal on what kind of thread you should post.

    Which posts gets positive antipoints and it rules
    -Always post a reasonable post
    -Never write about hacking/cracking Hotmail, Aol, Yahoo, etc
    -Never ask on how to hack or break into web-site
    -Never post threads on how to mess with WWW Board
    -Never write about illegal activities
    And lastly, always post high quality and thought messages on your post.

    What kind of questions can I ask or post in my thread?
    -Never ask on how to hack. 'How do I hack Hotmail/Yahoo/E-MAIL accounts' - A very big no-no.
    'How do I hack'- Please do not ask this.
    'How do I deface' - Learn HTML, make a site and see what work it consists of, you wont deface then.
    'How do I use/get/infect someone a/with trojan - The lowest form of anything, even crackers despise trojans. Dont ask.
    'Where can I get Warez'- Umm no.
    'How do I do sometime illegal/immoral/unethical' -
    - Asking good questions shows your willingness and effort to learn and not your laziness!
    -Ask any question you don’t understand from any thread you have gone thru and read!!
    How not to get flamed.

    How to do illegal things, like stealing programs, cracking programs, and such,,
    Answer=NOT IN ANTIONLINE, www.antionline.com go somewhere else!

    Which post are high quality and thoughtful (good & reasonable)
    -Go thru most of the threads and you will find some in which some members had replied “positively”
    Here we go with an example! Few weeks ago, I was going thru this thread http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=219446 written by a newbie named krang. Amongst those reply I came across was s0nic reply with this quote “(hahah kewl.. nice post, considering we always get newbies askin "where do i start?" so yeah.. hehe next time, ill juz give them the link to your posts..)
    and also this reply by intruder (hey well done ..this is a very good post from a newbie well u should get the credit for this ... good job done keep up the good work..) “ now look at s0nic quote, aren’t you impressed with such?? With such a quote from a senior member? Of course YES you are!!

    -“Proxomitron “ by Negative
    -“Goggle search” by mairu
    -Threads posted by Raven(blacksun.box.sk)
    Also all those threads in the Tutorial forum are the BOMB!! Lots of info in there
    And lastly all those threads in www.antionline.com
    Note: If you know you have posted a thread on antionline , then you are part of it, cos your posts must have helped lots of kiddies in here . so keep it up Guys!

    Oh, no, oh no, what time is it? I think its getting late!! Nope, nope, nope.
    I think its time for the newbies to rethink, time for them to understand that they aren’t getting “negative antipoints” because Antionline dislikes them, but because of what they post in their thread, what it contains, etc they
    I think it is time for the newbies to understand that the senior members were once like them, but following the rules and guidelines , what are they today? EXPERTS
    I think it is time also for us to rethink about how Antipoints works and not them(the senior members) because they know what is best for us “Security and not Hacking” “been secured and not been hacked”

    In summary, I guess with this little tutorial, nobody is gonna ask or post any thread on how the Antipoints should work, on why they are getting negative Antipoints, why they keep getting warning messages when they log in and etc.
    Please in anyway if I ve offended you, please do feel free to contact me I never meant to be,,,,,, i.e. if I am.
    Negative: for bringing up the Tutorial forum
    JP: for bringing up Antionline www.antionline.com
    And lastly to all members inhere!

    It’s me

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    Firstly, your member status has nothing to do with the numbers of antipoints that you have. Some junior members who post lots of useful tutorials (ntsa is a good example) and have lots of antipoints, whereas some senior members (such as myself) have posted more eyt don't have as many antipoints.

    As for the rest of your post, I can hardly read what you're going on about. Some spaces between words and line breaks between paragraphs might help.
    Paul Waring - Web site design and development.

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    you are like the 600th person to post this sort of thing... there is no need for this repetition. basically i can sum up the point in just a few lines.

    "Post good stuff, not useless ****. Don't ask lame questions. Search google first. Do not post redundant threads. ANTIPOINTS DON"T MATTER, SUCK IT UP!"

    Basically that is all everyone needs to remember... not too hard, eh? nice try at a tutorial, but you need to make more sense and not right one about stuff that has been covered a million times, esp by highly respected members (ennis being one)
    Learn like you are going to live forever, live like you are going to die tomorrow.


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    There are two rules of antipoints. The first rule of antipoints is that you do not talk about antipoints. The second rule of antipoints is that you do _NOT_ talk about antipoints.

    Seriously though - you get APs just for trying to write a tut in a foreign language. Good job.
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    Sir Winston Churchill.

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    End Conversation.......
    (PS: Seartch for Antipoint's in the Archive....u'll find more than you can handel )
    - Noia
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    "Post good stuff, not useless ****. Don't ask lame questions. Search google first. Do not post redundant threads. ANTIPOINTS DON"T MATTER, SUCK IT UP!"
    I think that sums up the whole of bello's tutorial very well. Thant should be like a notice or something when poeple sign up here.
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    hmmm....well i think they covered it up pretty well u dont get Ap's for ur memebr status just look at me and to get Ap's u must contribute to the community
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    Greetings All:

    Personally, I find it funny that someone that's in the grey is writing a tutorial on how to get positive AntiPoints, hahaha.

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    ah JP full of humor always
    \"\"A weak mind is like a microscope, which magnifies trifling things but cannot receive great ones.\" — G.K. Chesterton, 19th-century English essayist and poet\"

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    What you wrote does not always apply. I am not complaining, just trying to prove a point so plz don't flame me or give me negative points because of this.
    1. Antipoints do matter. You get banned when you get too many negative ones.
    2. I have made some dumb, not lame but dumb posts. I always get people who try to give me neg points for those posts. So, I mean yeah I have made some mistakes, and someone is always there, not to lend a helping hand, but to give me neg points, and I usually try to contact them, to get their point of view, so far nobody has replied.
    3. I have also made some helpful posts, nobody has ever given me any positive antipoints for those posts.
    4. When I make a joke on a thread, I always get neg points, people don't always get people and that does matter. How can everybody communicate effectively if not everybody like/understands the other person? That is a reason some people get neg points and complain, makking them get more neg points.
    I would just like for people to not give neg points for complaining, or for jokes, or anything else. I would instead like them to reply and say what they find annoying or offensive.
    Sorry for going really off topic on some points there, I guess I am kinda venting.

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