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Thread: How to download withot loosing bytes

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    How to download withot loosing bytes

    Hi All,
    This is just a little trick when downloading! Everybody knows about this trick, bu only for those who dosenít.
    Hey this also work on BBS Board (I think)
    1-Flag the files you want to download
    2-Flag a last file that you donít want to (preferable Big)
    3-Start downloading
    4-when the BBS starts sending the last file press Ctrl-x
    And bingo! The bytes you download are not recognized!

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    And why would someone want to do this? I don't get the point of this post.
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    Neither do I. What is this guy/gal talking about? And why can't he use proper English?
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    Re: How to download withot loosing bytes

    Originally posted here by bello
    And bingo!
    what does that mean?

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    why can't he use proper English?
    He's from Russia....

    Everybody knows about this trick
    Well, obviously not everyone does.....I am still not even sure what the trick does...
    Is this a windows thing? *nix? What? What program are you using?
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    I believe they are refering to the good old BBS's that we all ventured onto in our youth.... Y'know the one where games such as LORD where taken waaay too seriously....

    I think what they are trying to get at would be that some bulliten board software may only calculate the amount you'd downloaded of your limit at the end of your downloading session..

    So if you killed the second file when it was being downloaded, it wouldn't regard the overall download session as complete, so you wouldn't have it taken what you downloaded from your available limit...

    I'm not sure I'm making any sense, but all I can say is that it's making sense in my head......

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    Matty, I think you got it... thats teh way I interpreted it anyway... BBS... some of the younger members here dont even know what BBS stands for. I wasnt aware anyone had them anymore with the onsite of the web....
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