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    Cool Programming question

    Hello all,

    I was wondering if someone could give me a push in the right direction for a project I'm working on. I want to create a tool that checks to make sure the user of a workstation is keeping their workstation secure. Some of the things I want to check for are:

    1. Screensaver password is on and the timer is set for 30 minutes or less
    2. Norton antivirus is installed
    3. Norton antivirus has been run atleast once in the past month

    I would greatly appreciate any ideas you all have. I don't know what language something like this should be written in, so include the programming language you have in mind when you respond. Thanks.

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    I'm on my Linux box right now so I can't check my answers, but I'll take a shot anyway:
    1. This information is problably located in the registry. All you have to do is find out where.
    2. Also in the registry, located toghether with other info about installed programs. (The "add/remove programs functionality you know)
    3. This one is more tricky, but maybe there is a signatures file in NAV on which you can check the date? That's my best guess for now.

    All this can be done in Visual Basic, which is probably the fastest tool for the job. My personal favourite is Visual C++, but that's just because I like the challegne I would go for VB.

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    The add/remove is probably your best bet as many programs tend to leave files in the registry after uninstallation.

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    Screensaver is located in the registry at
    HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop

    There you can see all the settings, you need as far as the screensaver goes, I would use VB for this project, there are a number of activex controlls that handle registry edits/queries and most of them are free.

    Live update information for norton can be found at

    There you can get the date of the last definitions update, not sure how to tell if it has been ran, I will try and figure it out and get back to you.

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    Thanks for the ideas. I kinda figured I would have to mess around with the registry to do most of this stuff. Thanks again for the help.

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