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    Originally posted here by a_420_hacker_24
    If yahoo is hosted by google
    well actually yahoo only uses google's directory, which makes yahoo limited..

    But google is definately the best, and to be able to beat it you would have to first catalouge all of google, and build a smarter spider that google's. Google's spider is currently the best one out there, though, and its ONLY small limitation is that it is kind of slow because of how it can capture every link possible on a site.. but that is a small sacrifice to make for how well the spider runs..
    Also, google's caching is superior, because it is updated often and even if a site is down when google attempts to cache it, if the host is not responding, google will put that into a database that it tries over and over again, slowly reducing the number of times it tries the page.
    And, of course, google's toolbar. Gotta love it. How it remembers all your searches, even if you did them from a site, the whole website search that often out-performs a search tool implemented on the target site, being able to easily view the cache, simialr, back links and translation, and of course the highlighting. Can't forget the highlighting. Click on a site from google but the page is too cluttered to find what your looking for? Highlighter. Or of course it could be used in many other senarios when you need to easily find a word or words on a page.. much better that using ie's find feature...

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    Tell you what, I like all the web, but google has got 'em whooped. Now why you may ask? Well, IMHO it has to have been the acquisition of Deja.com that did it for them. That's right, groups.google.com paired with the main site beats out all the others. Again, only opinion, but it just makes sense.
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    I love google,

    www.moms.com hs a nice selection of search engines to choose from. www.dogpile.com is a metaengine, a search engine that searches search engines. www.metacrawler.com has a nice one, I like it beter then dogpile. and last but not least, from time to time I still use www.yahoo.com because it has a nice directory listing, simular to google's directory listing, called a subject tree. http://blacksun.box.sk has a nice tutorial in the tutorial section titled Search Engines Riped apart. As well if you visit the advanced tips/help section on the google web site you will find lots of nice tips and tricks.
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    anyone ever use hotbot.com? I used to think it was the best before I tried Google... since google loads faster I use it but I havent tried a comparison. Anyone know how it compares?

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    i will never switch from google and murphy once said "if it jams..force it..and if it breaks.. it needed replacing anyways." heh good stuff

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    it seems alltheweb used web bugs to generate income. although their are none on the main page, i did a test search, just to see how good they were, , and there were 2 bugs on the second page and one was from double-click.

    IMO if this is the direction they are going to take, anything for a buck, Fµ˘K TH€M!

    BTW there are none on google!
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    As chefer pointed out, I personally like Google for little-known features. I personally love the new news search (news.google.com) and use it all the time to get more information on articles I read online from my local paper.


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    A replacement for Google? Bwaaahahahaaaa

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    i used excite mostly up until the downfall....

    google was always second for me then moved up to first.

    i had, for a while, some nice java script search engine that used about 10-12 different searc engines and spat the results out in easy to read format.... lets see where was that...,


    or maybe....

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