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Thread: IBM software aims to shut down "drive-by hacking".

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    IBM software aims to shut down "drive-by hacking".

    Courtesy of Blackcode.com--

    International Business Machines Corp. on Monday announced technology designed to close some of the holes in corporate wireless networks and prevent outsiders from stealing data through "drive-by hacking."
    The IBM software sits on laptops and PCs, analyzing traffic on an internal 802.11 wireless network and sending data to a centralized server, said Dave Safford, manager of the global security analysis lab at IBM Research in Hawthorne, New York.

    "It turns machines into wireless auditing sniffers," he said.

    The server then "crunches" the data and "spits out" a report that can tell administrators if there are wireless access points that have been misconfigured, Safford said. Access points are physical connections to the computer network located throughout a site.

    Wireless networks are cheap, costing less than $100, and convenient to use, allowing workers to carry laptops from office to conference room to cafeteria.

    Because they are easy to misconfigure, they pose a significant security risk, easily exposing a computer network to attackers outside the building using specialized wireless sniffers.

    "Hackers outside the building, across the street, can connect in to the internal network," Safford said. "They can use the network to break into internal servers and steal data."

    Enthusiastic employees have been known to set up wireless network access points without informing their network administrators, he said.

    "We've had audits of customer sites that have turned up 50, sometimes 100, rogue access points they didn't know about," Safford said.

    The Distributed Wireless Security Auditor runs on the Linux operating system. A version for Windows is pending. The software will be commercially available later this year, according to Safford.

    An early version, introduced last year, ran on Linux on personal digital assistant devices. The new version includes the self-sensor and self-diagnosis features.

    IBM researchers are talking with managers in the IBM Personal Computing Division about preloading the software onto ThinkPad laptops, Safford said. ThinkPads are already equipped with 802.11 wireless network capability.

    Courtesy of Blackcode.com

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    This is something that I think is a good idea. The exposure isn't just in corporate networks either. Someone with a wireless network at home could be providing their neighbors with internet access and access to their files if they don't have their network set up correctly.

    In terms of network security, I would imagine wireless networks to be a nightmare!

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    No offense dude, but I posted this like 4 months ago and it is frowned apon to bring back old posts like this and stuff.. So, Im going to delete the thread.

    Nevermind, I can't delete it. [sarcasm] Well, thanks for bringing it back up. [/sarcasm] It isn't smart to post in old threads because it will make people mad and it will take up thing active threads thing. Lot's of reasons dude.. Just remember that for the future.. -- Jason Copeland

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    i knew this was gunna start to happen as soon as wireless networking first came out my cure .... hard wire ok time to sit at a desk to play IBM

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    Hey JC,

    I noticed that someone bumped this, so I think Redbone just didn't notice the date. He didnt drudge it up from the depths himself.

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