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    SonicWall SOHO2...

    is it a good firewall? are there any flaws or problems with it? if so/not..what is better than it..and what makes it better? thank you for your help.


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    SOHO such as SonicWall are only good if the admin. (you) configures it right and checks with updates regularly to keep it going smoothly. It is good, but I like linksys though.

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    i set one up for a companies small lan (about 15 nodes) and have not expereinced any problems as of yet. i also set it up to email me the logs so i can remotely monitor any compromises in their security. they are not paying me to do this, but i do it anyways. to my knowledge, there has not been any sever security flaws discovered. linksys seems to be fine for the average home user and lan, but for small companies that have an extra dollar to spend, i would go with sonicwall.

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