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Thread: SQLServer service login /Sysadmin rights?

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    SQLServer service login /Sysadmin rights?

    Hi all,

    This may be another Microsoftism, but I was going though our primary domain controller looking at user accounts and I noticed there were some SQL Server accounts one was called sqlsvc and I noticed it is in the domain admin group!

    Can this really be nesessary? Has anyone had experience with this.

    I am wondering what will happen if I remove sqlsvs from the group or if I change the password what it will screw up.

    Any feedback would be welcome =)
    Atlanta, GA

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    It should only be there if the SQL server needs to access a file on a regular basis (for backups across the network, and etc). It shouldn't need its own admin-level user account, just write privs to the dir that it backs up to.
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