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    Does anybody know whcih version of lindows is the current one? I have the 0.9 beta version, does anybody know of any problems with it? Or if it emulates windows well? Plz just answer those 2 questions.

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    i've never heard of that. lemme look into that.

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    I think the current version is lindows 0.9 beta2 or something... had the first beta thingy... it wouldn't boot properly from the CD so I though "***** it!" and installed Red Hat... I don't think lindows is better at running windoze proggies than any other linux distro with WineX installed... but then again.. I never did try it... just don't like all the sh*t with "become and insider and be able to download"-crap... lindows only seems half opensourse to me... just check www.lindows.com for all the info u need (ok.. u probably need to register and sh*t get info but that's ur choice to do or don't).
    I think that lindows might have a bright future.. the just need to make it more public and make that damn final release! peace! oh, that rimed lmao
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