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    netbui is so annoying and slow... i wouldnt suggest it.

    check your shares and turn your firewall back on. if your router can use ipx/spx, use it... it is safer than tcp/ip in that most attackers will try for that...

    i'm not exactly sure how to do it with XP, but i belive....
    right click on the folder you want to share... share it, set permissions as to what user can access what.... that should work.
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    I am sorry if I was not clear, I ment to say that having NAT on his router means that he does not have to have a firewall on his computer, I did not mean that he should disable the firewall on the router, The NAT will not interfere with any internal traffic anyway its only between the WAN and the LAN port,

    As I under stood he had a zone alarm on his computer as well,
    so I was saying that he did not need to have any firewalls on his machines,
    And he can share the files with netbui, or what ever he wants to do. It was just a suggestion,

    Sorry if I was wrong I am just too lazy to read the rest of the posts,

    I am sorry when I was writing my last post I was getting pulled away to do some work, I guess those tier 1 could not see that I was busy
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