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Thread: newb questions

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    newb questions

    Im a newb and i had a couple questions :

    First of all: i dont want to become a scrpit kiddie and i was wondering, what are the best programming languages to learn? which ones do you need to learn to later be able to understand more complicated stuf?

    Second: when starting, i hear a lot of stuf about what to do, but it gets very confusing. should i start by reading programming books and then listening to more experinced people? or should i take classes?

    Id like to thank everyone who made this great website possible.

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    C is the language you wanna begin with, but first start by learning simple scripting languages like batch and bash.
    There are several tutorials here at AO you can download.

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    first of all you can learn pearl, (unix programming) that is a cool one which will make you rich. aswell getting into database programming (SQL) etc.

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    You know taking classes at a school is really cool. You learn somthing and then you meet people that are just as into programming as you are. I think you learn alot more. But it all depends on how you learn. If you like to read and can understand it then read, if not and it seems hard go take some classes.

    The language I would start off with is C++. C++ is a great language it will teach you lots and you'll learn how to pick up syntax. That way when you move to another language. You'll be able to understand it by relating to C++. Alot of langaugaes base off of C/C++. So that's what i would do.

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    Well, not going down the path of a script kiddie is the best thing to do, so I encourage you to kept that mindset. For your question, I'd say to learn as much as you can. Start with something like VB to get some basic concepts of programming, then move on to C/C++.. I don't want to say that C is a must, but it DEFINITELY comes in handy to know. Read as many tutorials and books that you can get your hands on, read till you can't read anymore. If you search around AO, there are some nice tutorials that members have written on a variety of different subjects. If you are looking to focus on networks and such, you'll need to learn all about TCP/IP... Hope this helps some...
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    blow - u say u dont wanna be a script kiddy, meaning what? you wanna be a hacker?

    if so i think u came to the wrong place.
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    Becoming a white hat hacker would be awesome

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    visual basic is allways a good starting lanuage its fairly east 2 learn 2 then u could move on 2 C then C++ then whatever u want
    because u will have picked up a lot of info if u learn just they three
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    for me it's C/C++. if you wanna know how really things work take a deep dive to assembly language 'coz it started it all. then to visual basic/visual C++/java
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    I would recommend finding a local highschool to take summer and/or regular classes on C/C++. It would be very useful.

    I also recommend reading as much as you can. Becoming a white hat hacker is great. These are the only truely elite hackers, the hackers that can be knowledgeable and intellectually intellegent without having to do anything illegal. These hackers are the only ones who will eventually come out on top.

    I recommend using google a lot to help you find your answers. Other sites can give you insights on different information, so search first, ask second. I think just the fact that you want to go whitehat is a sign that you won't end up being a script kiddie
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