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    Arrow All about ip address- a nice site

    please visit


    a new site on hacking tutorials - tutorials are addes every 3-4 days . currently have 2 nice tutorials... a must visit

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    first of all. geocities.com will ban that site in a second

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    Wow! Promotion of a Geocities site that has 'hacking' tutorials.. <sarcasm>I can't wait to check that out!</sarcasm>
    - Maverick

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    wonderful.......a no-name geocities site about IP......most awesome.....suuuuuuuure....TWO tutorials....more wonderful


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    um okay,

    1. dont advertise websites here
    2. this isnt a newbie question but it sure as hell is a newbie post
    3. dont waste our time with this crap
    4. geocities will recive a nice email about this and your spamming and then moving to your ISP
    5. why would you even think about posting this here?
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    6. Do not advertise your site in every post you made (3 out of 3, as far as I can see). In other words: Quit spamming the board!
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