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Thread: Destroying Laptops

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    Destroying Laptops

    has anyone seen this article? Its about how people in Great Britain destroy governments top secret laptop for fun.
    the article is here or go here for the full stories. Enjoy.
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    hehe.. yeah i saw that one..

    but i thought i'd share something about wrecked laptops..

    while on the phone with a dell rep (i've had 4 mobo's replaced in my lattiude)
    he mentioned that he was collecting pictures of destroyed laptops.
    the best one was where some guy was pissed enuf to take his gun and shoot
    a hole thru the whole laptop (closed) and then wanted it fixed.

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    All these peps destroying laptops and me who has to scrape and save to purchase one >_<;
    it just isn't fair


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    Well... I personally can say that shooting at old laptops is great fun - the LCD screen splits in some pretty amazing ways.

    We also used to have a favorite event (this is all back many years ago): the laptop discuss throw! Actually had someone heave said compaq laptop like seven parking spaces (think that's about the right number). They fly pretty well...

    (these events, of course, reserved for those machines so beyond repair that they're not worth trying to salvage any more than the memory, HDD and like we take out of them)
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