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Thread: recommend a free tool

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    recommend a free tool

    Name:Antiy Ports

    Screenshot: http://www.antiy.net/download/antiyports.gif

    Homepage: http://www.antiy.net

    Download Link: http://www.antiy.net/download/antiyports.exe

    Antiy Ports is a TCP/UDP Port-to-Process Mapper,support Windows NT/2K/XP.
    it can see a port open by which process, can query port info online,and can kill process It is a free tool released by Antiy Labs.

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    Yeh, I kinda like this Antiy labs company. I got the Antiy Ghostbusters program a while back and it's really good. I actually think a person from the company or something posted about it on this board before. Anyways, thanks for the link.

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    Why not repost this in the Product Reviews forum?
    On a seperate tack...

    I'd suggest Another Task Manager (ATM) for Win 9x machines, it's like the control-alt-delete menu, only buffer. And it lets you hide pesky windows, too.
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    thanks for the link...been looking for something like this for a while...you get some greenies for it

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    Adaware - Remove spyware from your computer. www.lavasoft.com
    Agnitum - Great firewall for windowz. www.agnitum.com
    Eraser - Secure file deletion for windowz. http://www.tolvanen.com/eraser/
    Proxomitron - Web filter/proxy http://proxomitron.cjb.net/
    Snort - Free intrusion detection program www.snort.org/

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    definitly greenies for this one!
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