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Thread: Blueprint For Hackers/Security Admins

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    Wink Blueprint For Hackers/Security Admins

    I'm pretty new here, but have been moderately interested in security for at least three years. I am CCNA certified (Cisco Acadamy is what YOU make of it) and think that *NIX, and Cisco IOS are all a true hacker really needs to concentrate on. (Well, that and programming, which is a different animal entirely) I am much more interested in learning about how systems work than I am in deleting C: drives and such.

    N E Way, That was my intro to this community and now on to the good stuff:

    While researching file integrity checkers I came across this .pdf diagram that is pretty much a blueprint for breaking/defending servers. I am unsure about posting it here, but it really is not aimed at script-kiddies (which I certainly am not!)
    You all might know it already, but if not it's worth your time.


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    PastyPyro> Click on the edit button on your first post, then fix the post. It looks better then posting twice with a correction...

    anyway, you can also request those posters be mailed to you Hanz. I don't have the site here anymore, but I did post it at one time.
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