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Thread: oh what the hell...everybody else is posting challenges..

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    I still didn't get it even after blow's message (which by the way was a direct quote from ....). I had to click there a link that directed me to which gave an example I finally also understood :
    Example: E.g. the term after 1211 is obtained by saying "one 1, one 2, two 1's", which gives 111221.
    Hope this helps someone else too who doesn't dare to ask....
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    lol poor 8*b@ll its okay.. you can do a better challenge =)
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    hehe, fr0z3n, i did. check out my other challenge thread (entitled "this one's a toughy(or atleast i think so)" ).

    so far i have everybody completely stumped, though it doesnt seem many people are attempting it.

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