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Thread: Incorrect redirect

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    Incorrect redirect

    If I get logged out by AO whilst trying to post something, when I log back in again through the page that you get presented (you are not logged in the admin may not have activated your account etc.), it sends me to an error page: "Invalid forum/thread specified. If you have followed a correct link, please inform the webmaster".

    This is a real pain for me because if I've written a long post I have to copy/paste it each time but I also have to go all the way back to the thread because there's no easy way to access it through the error message. It shouldn't be difficult to fix, presumably either an incorrect or no thread reference is being passed to the PHP script that logs you in so I'm not referred to the correct page.

    Sorry if my explanation seems a bit convoluted, it's easy to see what's wrong but unless you can see the problem for yourself it's difficult to put in writing.

    Ironically, the same problem occured the first time I tried starting this thread!
    Paul Waring - Web site design and development.

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    I figured out what you were talking about pwaring, and think I found everywhere that was causing the problem.

    thead closed.

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