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Thread: *nix Shells for Windows

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    Post *nix Shells for Windows

    Ive been looking for the longest time for a *nix shell that will work on windows. Ive come across a few and i would like to know what yall thought of each.

    Unix2Dos-I discovered that it had quite a few basic *nix tools that ran in a dos enviroment.
    Cygwin-Everyone knows it and most hate it this shell/emulator by redhat has a shoddy filestructure and isnt very good(no offence to those who like it just offering my option)
    MKS Toolkit-one of my favorites it offers a korn shell and comes with vi for windows and an intergrated perl compiler found in most *nix enviroments.
    Uwin/ksh- Uwin or unix-windows is another *nix enviroment that i personally like it's by bell labs birthplace of Unix and has a fairly large library of unilities to work with.

    I know there are more out there but these are the ones that I found to be the most versitile. What do yall think?

    BTW: Im going to attach the LS command that has been ported to windows cause i know that dir isnt as powerful as LS

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    I discovered vim -m$ vi ed
    I wrote a bunch of console apps using cmd to mimic unix
    ls is
    dir %1%2%3%4
    cat is
    type %1 %2 %3
    rm is
    del %1 %2 %3

    I store them in a dir I call Unix. I set the path variable in such a way that it knows of the unix dir and now I have cat, ls, rm. %<number> is the command line arg passed in.

    I found some additional very useful tools from http://sysinternals.com


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    I use the MKS toolkit in conjuction with the Windows resource kit. This gives you great flexibility with scripting and things of the like. I do not use the shell emulator though, I just like having the unix commands such as cat, etc... usuable in windows. I've found that the windows text parsing from a command prompt is pretty limited without MKS.

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    Personally, I just use Exceed/Hummingbird with the MKS Toolkit. Works great, though is costly.
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    I think KSH is a really good one.

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    Uwin is my favorite by bell labs it has an assortment of tools and utilities but it doesnt have many network applications.

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    Originally posted here by Remote_Access_
    I like putty: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/
    BTW, Cygwin sucks ass
    Putty rules, and it's free and has advanced options

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