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    I also should have included this in my last post, but also ya gotta remember, people are looking for bad threads and lame posts to dump negs on due to the new point-balencing act. Once they see a thread like this, BAMM, your hitt with negs. That can also be why you are getting lots of negative antipoints. I apologize for not including this in my last post.

    My replies have been meaningless? Perhaps if you follow them you might not get so many negs and so little greens. Im trying to help you. Calling my replies meaningless is really low. After all, helping is what people should do. Dumping my help like that is very degrading.

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    Wow, that was interesting. I didn't know that. Thanks for the info.

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    Your welcome. Please next time do not call my help, "meaningless". people don't like that. (Hint- Another tip for you)

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    KO123, Here we go. Lets take a spin back thru your last posts shall we?

    I was helpful, but I made some dumb posts. I got banned for it. I learned from it and made a new account and changed and I think I became pretty helpful, but some people still don't like me. Well. I can't...
    Complaining gets you nowhere.

    Why did people give me negs for this post? I can't believe you people. How ungrateful some people here are. I want to stress the "some people" some are nice, some freely dispense negative antipoints without...
    Again, complaining gets you nowhere.

    Is there any way to get an account unbanned? I was wondering if I could get my komal account unbanned, 'cause I like that name. Or do I have to wait and then sign up with that name again?
    You were prolly banned for a reason. Why would you tell us you were banned anyway? Common man. Don't advertise it.

    No, I understand it wasn't a very good idea to post the thread, but he is new to antionline, I think he is from looking at his antionline status, and if he gets banned and decides to leave antionline, well maybe antionline users have been gipped because he was very knowlegable about some computer related topics. It would just be better, to explain stuff than to neg him banishment. And maybe I will explain it to him in a pm, but I am not able to give away points, so my message was targeted to people who are able to do so, and to desist form doing so.
    Again complaining gets you nowhere.

    BTW the reason I got annoyed at you for giving me negative points is because my last account was screwed up, and I got banned. I have been doing some really useful stuff with this account though, and your...
    I see a pattern forming here.

    Hehe, it is an admin login, when trying to sign into the admin portion of antionline, the box that comes for pass and pword has indelevopment written op top.
    Are you an admin? Why are you trying to get into places you arn't supposed too?

    And remote access don't give me negative points for trying to help, you don't have to read or post in this thread. If you don't like it, then ignore any further posts or threads from me. I am trying to...
    See above.

    Then why are you pushing software firewalls so much? There are better options out there, and plz don't advertise your firewall in my thread.
    Your thread?!?, Where the hell do you get off saying its your thread?!? This is a community buddy, and anyone can post their thoughts!

    Wow, I gotta wonder at that question, wonder whether he really thought people were gonna help him get it. But people, don't give him neg points, explain to him how retarded it is to ask for malicious files...
    People will give him negs if they want to. He asked for a lame script to do malicious activities. He desearves whatever he gets. Period!

    Well, I think I have said enough. When you come back again (because you are prolly gunna get banned after this goes out), I suggest you do not do any of the above.

    NUFF SAID!!!

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    Thanks xmaddness. I tried to help him too, I really did.

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    Damn it ko123! when people are trying to help you all you can say is "your replies are meaningless".
    And you still wonder why you keep getting negs??!!

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    JCHostingAdmin some ppl just cant seem 2 see what there doing wrong
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    Damn, Ko123 or Komal, whoever the hell you are - you just don't learn do you? You'll get slammed with reddies all day long if you insult people who are trying to lend you a hand here. And like the others have said, complaining will do nothing for you but get you banned in record time, so deal with it. I'm absolutley sick of seeing these complaint threads coupled with the, "I'm leaving AO...." - it's disgusting. Antipoints and banning have been discussed MANY times before, you should have searched through that material - had you done that, you may have been better off. Learn from this, and since your about to get banned again, we'll see you when you come back under another name.. Till then..
    - Maverick

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    Komal. Read my reply to your other thread. It may help you some:

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    Well, what can we learn from this, Komal? When you come back, you might try the following (since we all know you'll probably try it "one more time" or something):

    • don't tell people that you want the other accounts unbanned. At least try making a good reputation for the new account before you try to get an account switch.
    • start by making helpful posts and adding reasonable/valuable comments to threads as appropriate
    • don't ever complain about your member status or antipoint status. That tends to just draw reds and, as some have already said, some of the more senior members who used to assign a huge percentage of greenies are now dumping reds where they can in-order to fulfill the balance requirement (they tend to pack quite a whallop).
    • if you are going to try to get your account switched, the only person here that is going to help you is JP. I can't see him even deciding to listen until you have proven to the community here that you can be a decent and respected member (ie. don't PM him until your account is way-positive in points, as you'll no doubt be wasting both your time and his).

    If you do all of the above, plus whatever other helpful comments others have made in this thread and, after a while, show that you can be a valuable member here... I could see JP deciding to give you a break. But, then again, I'm not JP and I don't speak for him or any of his staff.

    Put concisely: if/when you come back, don't follow what you've done in these past two accounts... it obviously doesn't work.
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