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    A very simple backdoor for win.Just check it.

    It's a very simple backdoor for WinOS(win95,win98,winME).

    -On your computer you must share some folders or drives for ex. C;
    -Run control panel and make available remote control(i'm not sure how is it called because
    i have pakistan language) and than insert your password ex. aa;
    -Run your regedit than find hkey_local_machine\software\microsoft\ windows\currentversion\lanman\admin$;
    -Export this to *.reg file;
    -You can give this file to your friend and he open it.When he open the file you can run
    netwatch.exe and connect to your friend's computer.You can download file,delete file
    and make available all his drivers.

    Sorry for my terrible english.
    Tell me if it is soo bad.

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    Your language seems to be better than mine and nobody flamed me for it yet.
    So, just go on...
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    Jesus man that's one of the oldest tricks in the book. Most people shouldn't open .reg files unless there totally sure what it does. I remember like 2 years ago or somthin this was a big deal. People were e-mailing to people with a different extension. NT there is a way to do it . It's been awhile i would have to look it up. But since this is a "Security Site not a Hacking site"
    I'm sure the only reason for bringing this is up is to make aware of what people can do with .reg files. How's Pakistan right now?

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    True that was a big discussion 2 years ago. Security changes though. Ahh the days of the Mac. Wait, That was like 5 years ago!

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