what is up with klez.h?
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Thread: what is up with klez.h?

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    what is up with klez.h?

    I know i was ranting in another post about this... why does klez.h live on as #2 on the charts? ok, alright here we go follow the links to a pot of gold....

    Download this:
    Read this:
    Get one of these:
    Norton www.sarc.com
    linux www.slackware.com

    Next don't readily open attachments from people you you dont expect to
    get mail from.

    Lets end this klez.h bussiness and at least let some other virus take the spot-light!
    Get anti-viruses! Update anti-viruses! c'mon folks, lets take this klez-age down!

    woot, woot, woot!!


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    I'd say that unfortunately, there are still alot of users who are not aware of anti-virus protection, comptuer security, proper email handling practices, etc, and their machines go unprotected and infected. Also, I believe Klez has the capabilities to disable popular antivirus packages, so unless the user takes the time to understand the virus and how to clean it once infected, it may reside on their machine and be continually passed on...
    - Maverick

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    A similar virus had attacked my mom's network. No worries though its fixed

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