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Thread: Find your active ports...

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    Find your active ports...

    I found a link to a little program called Active Ports (now on version 1.4, released a few days ago), and it's pretty useful. Just thought some newbies might be interested.

    Active Ports - easy to use tool for Windows NT/2000/XP that enables you to monitor all open TCP/IP and UDP ports on the local computer. Active Ports maps ports to the owning application so you can watch which process has opened which port. It also displays a local and remote IP address for each connection and allows you to terminate the owning process. Active Ports can help you to detect trojans and other malicious programs.
    Find it HERE or download it directly HERE.


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    Thanx for the link ive been looking for a program like this.
    If its not broken it can still be inproved.

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