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Thread: net commands

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    net commands

    hi everyone...ive been messing around with the net commands for a bit....i think that net view is useful, but instead of using net use why cant you just go start->run and \\computer\x$? i find the syntax of net use to be a little tough... just wondering others thoughts.

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    I don't like accessing computers through \\computer simply because it sometimes takes a while to get back a response if a computer isn't currently up on the network. I've been using net commands for quite a while, and I'm pretty happy with them, but I guess since I'm used to them, the syntax doesn't bother me.


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    some computer when they have many shared folder you jus tipe \\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx and displays the shares they have like IPC$, PRINTER$, PRINTER, C, D, etc

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    Bob, refering to the computer trough the UNC path (\\comp\share) is only valid for the browsing session and some programs don't support UNC browsing (example: "command.exe") ...
    net use instead maps a shared drive... that way the share can be used later and by other programs that don't support UNC path browsing..

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