Hello everyone; I've got a question on the Engarde Linux Community (Free) version:

Everything's hunky-dory, until I complete the webtool form (to set hostname, etc), and ask the box to reboot. Then the admin password (for the webtool) gets changed and I have no idea what it is - on the second step you *DO* change it from the default, but it is not this new password, nor the original, after I reboot the box. If anyone's used this OS before, please let me know what I'm doing wrong; I would not use the webtool, but for the fact that you can use it to get to some really deep-down SSL and database web tie-ins.

In any event ... were it not for this, I'd cut my production box over to it from my current distro. If you've not heard of Engarde, you can head here to check it out.